Nicotine and Caffeine

You don’t remember how potent of a drug nicotine is until you’ve not smoked for a while, then you do again — you get high as shit, just for a minute or two. Likewise, caffeine. Jittery as shit, just for an hour or so, followed by a crash. Here’s to a stable tolerance through repeated drug use. Or, here’s to being high and jittery. Whichever one is more fun.

Fantasia and Psilocybin

I hold this truth to be self-evident: with the exception of ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ Walt Disney’s ‘Fantasia’ stands unparalleled as nutritious food for psilocybin eyes. Also, tangentially: in 1940, cinema-goers were viewing an intellectual discourse, with audio-visual examples, on the synesthesic experience of sound. Also also tangentially: these same persons went on to win the chief example of a┬ámorally-justified war, became a college-educated society in an unprecedented fashion (in many colleges that were still fully-paid for by a progressive income tax, before Saint Reagan dashed his holy sword upon that), and proceeded, through the organization of labor and a belief in some strange thing called a ‘social contract,’ to bring about the healthiest middle class and distribution of wealth our country has ever known.

Us? We have ‘White House Down’ with Channing Tatum and President Jamie Fox shooting automatic weapons at cartoon villains. (No offense to Mr. Tatum or Mr. Fox, who seem to be nice fellows.) Now please just throw some bread at me and let me watch the lions eat the Christians in ravenous peace.