Bleak Art on the Wall

The very large renovated warehouse in which the business I work for resides, among many others, regularly hangs new art on the walls every few weeks. Some is for sale. Today was the first time I had to stop dead in my tracks, because the art just forced me to consider it. Bleak and dark and beautiful in content and style — black and white pencils, pen-and-ink, muted, cool watercolors, of sad human subject matter, empty inhuman subject matter (one of a sinkhole in the ground, for instance), and dark abstractions.

Very, very good, all thematically cool, doleful, and evoking a void. Then I looked at the placards. All were done by local high school students as part of an art contest sponsored by our congressman (who, of course, plays in a rock band). I don’t see much art by teenagers, but if this is representative, I think it says something about ‘Generation Z”s potentially hopeless outlook on the future. And not without good reason, considering the present adults are fucking them and the society and planet they will inherit so rapaciously.