Government, Incorporated

Had never heard of this analyst — Mike Lofgren — ’til I saw him on Moyers. However, he blew me away: the most insightful connect-the-dots-view-from-30,000-feet analysis of the horrible rot at the root of our socioeconomic structure. A twenty minute interview to provide a great deal of clarity — recommended, recommended, recommended.

Conservatives want to believe the rot is government, with its corruption, overreach, taxation, and foreign policy; liberals want to believe the rot is corporations, with their corruption, lobbying, outsourcing, and nihilistic profit motive leading to illegal and recklessly dangerous behaviors. Thing is, *they’re the exact same thing.* Our government *is* the corporations, and our corporations *are* our government. (Coincidentally, Mussolini himself would define the current United States as a shining example of a fascist state.)

The premise in the Lofgren interview is that Government, Incorporated uses its tax power to take money from us morlocks, and then redistribute it to the corporations, particularly those with a military manufacturing bent, in outrageously bad deals to engorge their coffers. For instance: for the entirety of the Afghan war, it cost — wait for it — *four hundred dollars* to put *one gallon* of gasoline in the field. And our private contractors were more than happy to oblige for the dozen or so years this fee was available.

Our current Government, Incorporated has shoved a blood-letting spear into our side. As the body — the nation — exsanguinates towards death, a few terrible dickhead assholes sit at the bottom of the let, licking and slurping up the iron and nutrients as the blood flows into their mouths. Fuck Government, Inc. Fuck it to hell. Oh, by the way, NSA, hello! Hope you are having a good one!