No Justice for You

*DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. It is the author’s personal opinion, and therefore it is as worthless as twice-used toilet tissue.*<Ahem:>

There is a yawning doughnut hole in our civil justice system between the relatively simple, represent-yourself-small-claims courts, which have a claim ceiling of $5,000 (at least, in the jurisdiction where I live), and practical entry to our higher courts, which require — notwithstanding the occasional savvy legal hobbyist capable of avoiding — costly legal representation to navigate. The realities of the necessary outsourcing of procedural know-how, legal research, pleading- and motion-writing, and discovery mean if your claim isn’t substantial — say, over $10,000, and maybe even $15,000 or $20,000 — you will actually *lose* on net, *even if you technically win a judgment.* So if you’re going to be damaged by another human or unnatural person, go big or go home. Otherwise no justice for you.