What the Fuck Is the Matter with Us?

In yet another of the countless daily reminders of how broken our fucked up, corrupt, Fascist (yes, that is the correct term, the marriage of corporate and state interests, as defined by Mussolini) society is:

Remember when comedian Tracy Morgan got creamed by a Wal*Mart delivery truck because the Wal*Mart driver had been up for 24 hours straight?

Well, current regulations limit truck drivers to 70 hours of driving per week, plus 3 hours per day of loading and unloading, which need not be paid (some Union drivers do get paid for that). Count that up. That’s 13 hour days, on average, driving. Ever drive a long day trip? Ever do it with a multi-ton rig trailing behind you? Ever do it *every single day*, indefinitely, without end?

Well, here’s how our fucking troglodyte, degenerate, sub-human fucking Senate responds. Susan Collins (R – Maine) slipped a provision into an appropriations bill to be voted on this summer to *increase* — yes, FUCKING INCREASE — the maximum hours drivers can drive to EIGHTY FUCKING TWO. 82. That’s now twelve hour days of driving, every day, always, plus the three hours loading/unloading. Eat in car, piss in jug, huff something to try to stay awake, collapse, repeat. Great.

Seems now that since all those who fought for human working conditions 80 – 100 years ago are dead, we have to re-learn the lessons of the past. We’re legislating away basic humanity so the Stateside corporate retail fronts of a Communist autocracy can sell more shitty, planned-obsolescence goods here, and further fuck our trade deficit and therefore national debt. What . . . the . . . fuck . . . is . . . the . . . matter . . . with . . . us?

The full story:  http://teamsternation.blogspot.com/2014/06/tell-congress-vote-no-on-letting-truck.html