A Major Flaw in Capitalism: Marketing

A major flaw in the efficiency of ‘capitalism’ is marketing. In theory, a product should speak for itself. If its qualities are worth giving a profit to a financier of an inventor, word-of-mouth should be sufficient. ‘This thing is worthwhile because it does ______,’ which makes human existence more convenient, fulfilling, or worthwhile. But that is not how free markets work.

Instead, we are force-fed manufactured wants through the ubiquitous barrage of emotionally-charged sales pitches, which are not meant to stimulate our intellectual centers, but instead our sexual centers, our petty human jealousies, or our spiritual emptiness. This cost — the cost of marketing these goods to us in such a way — is captured in the price of the goods. Ergo, a higher price. We consumers pay a premium for goods, for the goods to be emotionally marketed to us to stimulate our urge to buy, which we never consented to in the first instance. The good would be cheaper — a better consumer price — if no such barrage had occurred. But then again, we might not want the shit in the first place, if we weren’t hoodwinked.