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The Tale of Lorgil Hill

by Jones and Lambert

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The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 1 of 50

The Lorgil lived long atop Lorgil Hill,
acting freely with its Lorgil free will.
Counted among its many companions:
the trees and shrooms and things from the canyon.


The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 2 of 50

The grass was always green and dry and kind,
a perfect place to ponder, puff, unwind.
Sitting, shading in the high-noon Sun's blaze,
moments passed in a continuous haze.


The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 3 of 50

Afternoon backstrokes felt sublimely fine,
the Lorgil sunning in the warm sunshine.
Joyfully floating on the calm blue sea,
the world shined brightly with infinite glee.


The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 4 of 50

The land's plenty had a delicious taste,
and the Lorgil dined without making waste.
It shared the bounty with all the creatures —
the right to eat was one of life's features.


The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 5 of 50

At dusk the Lorgil fell into a trance,
and the creatures began a dream-like dance.
On Lorgil Hill, the creatures knew each day
foremost needs time for fun, freedom, and play.


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