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The Tale of Lorgil Hill

by Jones and Lambert

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The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 11 of 50

Until one day, up through Norgil Valley,
rats trod toward the hill, without dally.
New things they were, deeply problematic;
Blue things they were, and too bureaucratic.


The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 12 of 50

They arrived on the hill they discovered,
amazed by the things they there uncovered.
They could control all the thises and thats —
they had the power, they were the Brock Rats.


The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 13 of 50

The trees, shrooms, and things were theirs to annex,
all to be ruled as the Brock Rats’ subjects.
The hill, valley, sea, and all they could see,
became the Brock Rats’ newest colony.


The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 14 of 50

All that remained was to name a des-pot,
and Boss Brock Rat prevailed, three votes to naught.
The Hill harmed by this abstract election,
the Lorgil drooped in dismal dejection.


The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 15 of 50

They laid abstract mental complication
on the green hill they now called a “nation.”
All was controlled by meticulous clause —
the Brock Rats enacted copious laws.


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