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The Tale of Lorgil Hill

by Jones and Lambert

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The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 16 of 50

The Lorgil, on its way to the best beach,
was stopped from swimming by a Brock Rat speech:
"you are not free to swim in the blue sea,
it is not yours, it’s not your property."


The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 17 of 50

Next morning, the Lorgil went out to work,
not knowing just behind a rat did lurk.
The Lorgil labored to stockpile shroom snacks,
but Boss Brock Rat took some: “there is a tax.”


The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 18 of 50

The Lorgil lightly laid its weary head,
nestling down to nap on its nettle bed.
But without one wink, the Boss sternly said:
“Napping on the ground is prohibit-ed.”


The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 19 of 50

The Lorgil and the Purpoid fancied fun,
so they frolicked forth under the high sun.
But high up there, hiding in the tall tree:
a Brock Rat, spying surreptitiously.


The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 20 of 50

A Brock Rat captured the startled Purpoid,
whose erstwhile freedom was now null and void.
"You are subject to incarceration,
due to a classified accusation."


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