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The Tale of Lorgil Hill

by Jones and Lambert

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The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 21 of 50

The Brock Rats then set their sights to the sea,
for the purpose of foreign policy.
They met the Otters’ quaint ecosystem
with staunchly militant jingoism.


The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 22 of 50

Because the foreign Otters were scary,
the solution was the military.
Boss Brock Rat rigged names in a conscript bag,
with those named forced to flaunt a stick and flag.


The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 23 of 50

To destroy the Otters they so deplore,
the Brock Rats deployed a preemptive war.
To finalize the pogrommatic purge,
the Boss sent an overwhelming stick surge.


The Tale of Lorgil Hill - 24 of 50

Foreign war had depleted the coffer —
the Brock Rats had nothing left to offer.
Gone were the goods that nourished public health:
the shrooms and trees of past shared commonwealth.

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